Like many other 'specialised' tourist parts of Melbourne, Hosier Lane and Union Lane offers only brief glimpses into the graffiti culture, like a neat, bite-sized confection of pattern, art and colour, accompanied by the unmistakeable scent of spray paint.

We visited the famous Hosier Lane first and the small Rutledge Lane detour first, then to Union Lane later on in the day.

Both are sample-sized streets, wedged perhaps ironically between the intricacies of Melbourne's European inspired architecture and the commercial glass and shiny metal of Westfields. While we certainly have the equivalent here, Sydney keeps these things separated to a greater degree but I guess it's the fact that this arrangement seems natural in Melbourne that constitutes part of its charm.

Outside of these graffiti-specific streets, you can catch glimpses of that zany creativity all throughout the laneways of Melbourne - one of my favourites was in Guildford Lane, which is heavily featured in the corresponding Images from Nowhere post. The narrow streets and the odd nooks and crannies in small, intimate alleyways are the perfect places to hide little artistic breadcrumbs and it was so much fun to wander through and make random discoveries along the way.

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