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From time to time, Sketch and Run's posts will be created with the sponsorship of certain brands who have contacted me about collaborations. I am open to working with brands and services to create content for my blog that may be of interest to readers.

Barring exceptional circumstances, I will only write about content that I felt were interesting/positive or, at worst, neutral about. If I feel that promoting a service or product is harmful, or not in the best interests of readers, I will not host or write the sponsored post.

In full:

  • Products or services of 'sponsored' posts will have been provided free of charge by the brand, unless otherwise specified. No other monetary compensation was provided. Products or services of 'paid sponsorship' posts will involve some other form of compensation (monetary or otherwise), in addition to the products themselves.
  • All comments on the service or quality of the product is strictly based on what I personally received and experienced. There is a possibility that I experienced special treatment and I will mention if I notice any discrepancies. Readers who have also tried the service/product and had differing experiences are encouraged to comment on the post so future readers can balance different accounts.

In short: I receive the items featured in sponsored posts for free, and service may not reflect that of the average customer, but my opinions remain my own and I provide an honest assessment of all sponsored products and services.

Please email for queries/comments.

Thanks to I'm Still Hungry for providing inspiration for this disclaimer.